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Sellers of alcoholic beverages have a legal and moral responsibility to stop teenagers from purchasing liquor. Don’t put yourself at risk, get educated on effective ways to stop teen drinking. TAM® of Nevada offers a complete, effective and in-depth view of all aspects of beverage alcohol sales and service including information on the laws on underage drinkers, fake identification, and ways to stop minors from purchasing liquor. Employers and employees alike have been trusting TAM® for years to give them the best possible education and help them avoid liability associated with serving minors.

Remember, alcohol education is mandatory for almost all service professionals in Southern Nevada and that includes bartenders, servers, security guards, and managers/supervisors working in casinos, clubs, restaurants, bars, and taverns, as well as for cashiers, clerks, stockers, and managers working in grocery and convenience stores.

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  • Approved by Nevada’s Commission on Postsecondary Education.
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  • Our course is thoroughly reviewed and updated annually and in accordance with Nevada law.
  • Get your TAM Card® immediately after passing the proctored exam.

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