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TAM® is an educational and instructional program taught by independent contractors under a license agreement with the National Hospitality Institute®. The independent contractor instructors are responsible for the content and method of instruction for each class. The TAM® class is a means of sharing information and making suggestions about various subjects of interest to liquor license holders, and is not intended to be legal advice. Class participants are encouraged to direct all legal questions to their own legal advisor, and they should not rely upon any statements made, orally or in writing, during a TAM® class as a statement of the law. Any liability associated or attributed to any topic covered at a TAM® class is expressly disclaimed by the National Hospitality Institute®, the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association®, O/E Learning, Inc. and O/E Learning of Nevada, LLC.

The National Hospitality Institute® wishes to thank Laurence I. Peterson, Dean, College of Science & Mathematics, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA 30144 for the use of materials contained in ‘Chapter 2: Clinical Effects of Alcohol’ from Kennesaw State University’s web-based class ‘Alcohol, Chemistry and You’ located at ChemCases.com ©2003 Kennesaw State University, Principal Investigator Laurence Peterson and Project Director Matthew Hermes.