TAM Cards® for Security Staff

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Do you work as a security guard at an establishment that serves or sells beverage alcohol? If so, then, you must meet liquor licensing, gaming control board regulations and alcohol beverage awareness training requirements in the State of Nevada.

The establishment you work for could be fined between $500 and $5000 if you:

  • Do not have your alcohol education card with you while at work,
  • Have an expired card, or
  • Obtained a card through a non-approved provider.
Anyone who works in security at an establishment that serves/sells beverage alcohol is required to receive alcohol awareness training every four years. With enforcement efforts on the rise, why risk having trouble with something like alcohol awareness training.

Many may offer alcohol awareness training, but there is only one TAM Card® and only one TAM® provider in Nevada. We offer comprehensive solutions; and, we make sure it’s easy for you to get your TAM Card® fast with our online or classroom alcohol awareness training.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQs/Help or call us at (855) TAM-CARD.

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