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The purpose of a work card is to regulate businesses, trades and professions that require a high degree of supervision. Don’t put yourself at risk; make sure to stay on top of laws and requirements related to your profession! For more information on how to obtain your work card, click here.

Depending upon your job, you may need to obtain a work card, health card, and/or alcohol awareness card in order to work in Southern Nevada. TAM® of Nevada has been issuing alcohol awareness cards to service professionals in Nevada for over 25 years. TAM® of Nevada offers a complete, effective and in-depth view of all aspects of beverage alcohol sales and service. This course addresses issues appropriate for anyone working in an establishment that sells or serves beverage alcohol. This includes bartenders, servers, security guards, and managers/supervisors working in casinos, clubs, restaurants, bars, and taverns, as well as for cashiers, clerks, stockers, and managers working in grocery and convenience stores. Contact us today to obtain your TAM® Card. Don’t forget, cards expire every four years, so make sure to check your expiration date and renew your card before it’s too late!

Why You Should Choose TAM® of Nevada

  • Convenient options – classroom or online.
  • TAM® of Nevada has moved to a new state-of-the-art facility right off the strip.
  • Approved by Nevada’s Commission on Postsecondary Education.
  • Our instructors are engaging, entertaining, and experts in the industry.
  • Our course is thoroughly reviewed and updated annually and in accordance with Nevada law.
  • Get your TAM Card® immediately after passing the proctored exam.

Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if you qualify for a corporate discount.

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