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Security Professionals in Las Vegas are required to complete an alcohol awareness training program. TAM® of Nevada has been training security staff on safe beverage practices for over 25 years.

Can I take the online course if I have never had an Alcohol Education Card (TAM Card®) in Las Vegas?

Yes. Our online course meets the same state requirements as classroom training, you just learn at your own pace. The State of Nevada does require you to pass an exam with a score of at least 75% at a proctored (supervised) location. So, you will have to come to the TAM® of Nevada official training center to take the test and be issued your Alcohol Education Card (TAM Card®).

Is there a difference between the online course and the classroom course in regards to what an employer will accept?

Your employer may or may not have a preference. The TAM® online and classroom courses are both approved through Nevada’s Commission on Postsecondary Education and cover the same content. Check with your employer to see if they require one option over the other.

Can I take a shorter class to renew my Alcohol Education Card?

No, you are required by law to complete the entire course – there is no shortened renewal option available. The State of Nevada requires that you must retake the entire certification course every 4 years. However, our online course allows you to go at your own pace whether that be faster, for refresher purposes, or slower, to comprehend new information and topics.

When will I receive my Alcohol Education Card or TAM Card®?

Your card will be issued to you immediately after completing your exam at the TAM® of Nevada Official Training Center.

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