Got Busted During an Alcohol Decoy Operation

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Bars, clubs, retailers and restaurants all need to be diligent requiring staff to check ID’s when making alcohol sales. Every establishment needs policies and procedures to prevent underage persons from obtaining alcohol and tobacco products to protect themselves from liability and the public from harm. Decoy operations are not just used to catch persons selling alcohol to minors, but they can also be used to check the validity of your alcohol education card and whether it expired.

Sales and service professionals have a responsibility to ask for identification! If there is any question about the age of the customer, you can refuse to serve or sell to the customer. TAM® of Nevada offers a complete, effective and in-depth view of all aspects of beverage alcohol sales and service, including how to check for altered, fake or borrowed identification. Getting caught selling alcohol to a minor or busted in a decoy operation could mean losing your job and leaving your employer facing some serious liability issues. Protect yourself and your employer by getting your alcohol education through TAM® of Nevada.

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