Alcohol Education, Sheriff, and Health Card

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Are you prepared to work in Las Vegas? Before you can work in Nevada in the hotel, gaming, food and beverage industry, you must obtain three cards:

  1. 1. Sheriff’s Card (Work Card/Work Permit)— Sheriff’s Cards are required for all positions in a gaming establishment and many other work places. The purpose of the Work Card or Permit is to document, investigate and license all employees of the gaming and liquor industry. Click here for more information about Sheriff’s Cards
  2. 2. Health Card—Health Cards are required for people who work in specific industries within Nevada, including food/beverage handlers. Contact the Southern Nevada Health District for instructions on obtaining your Health Card.
  3. 3. TAM® Card (Drink Card/Alcohol Education Card)—Anyone who works at an establishment as a server, seller or security guard must receive alcohol awareness training and obtain a TAM® Card.

TAM® of Nevada offers a complete, effective and in-depth view of all aspects of beverage alcohol sales and service. This course addresses issues appropriate for anyone working in an establishment that sells or serves beverage alcohol. This includes bartenders, servers, security guards, and managers/supervisors working in casinos, clubs, restaurants, bars, and taverns, as well as for cashiers, clerks, stockers, and managers working in grocery and convenience stores.

TAM® of Nevada has been a trusted service provider for alcohol education nationally and in the greater Vegas community for over 25 years. Our fun and entertaining alcohol training programs are available online or in our new facility. This training is important to your livelihood and carrying a TAM Card® shows that you received the best alcohol awareness education. Enroll for your TAM® training today!

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